ECOlogical and coevolutionary dynamics of SPECIES interactions


NEWS: Our book "Ecological Networks in the Tropics" has been published by Springer. Based on graph theory studies this book seeks to understand how tropical species interact with each other and how these interactions are affected by perturbations in some of the most species-rich habitats on earth. Due to the great diversity of species and interactions in the tropics, this book addresses a wide range of current and future issues with empirical examples and complete revisions on different types of ecological networks: from mutualisms to antagonisms. Check it out


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Dr. Wesley Dáttilo

Currently, we are seeking to understand how species and ecological interactions vary through space-time, and how they are influenced by environmental perturbations. Our studies combine natural history, statistical models, geographic information systems (GIS), and extensive field inventories and experimentation at different levels. Our studies are based in Mexico and Brazil.

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